Climate Change Financial Instrument (CCFI)

The Climate Change Financial Instrument (CCFI) is the state budget programme of the Republic of Latvia. The aim of the CCFI is to battle global climate change, adapt to consequences caused by the climate change, and facilitate reduced greenhouse gas emissions (for example, by taking measures to improve building energy efficiency in the public and private sector, developing and implementing technologies using renewable energy resources, as well as by using integrated solutions to reduce GHG emissions).

The functioning of the CCFI is subject to the provisions of international agreements concluded by Latvia on the sale of assigned amount units (AAU) pertaining to the state, as well as by approved legal enactments, incl. the Law On Participation in the Flexible Mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol (in force since 13.12.2007), Cabinet Regulations No. 312 of 28.04.2009 “By-law of the Advisory Council of Climate Change Financial Instrument “, Cabinet Regulations No. 644 of 25.06.2009 “Procedures for Implementation of Projects Financed by the Climate Change Financial Instrument, the Submission and Examination of Reports Thereof”, Cabinet Regulations No. 559 of 14.08.2012 “Regulations of the open competition of projects financed from the Climate Change Financial Instrument “Complex solutions for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions””.



vilClimate Change Financial Instrument (CCFI)