Support to Science and Research

Support to finance and research is one of the activities of the ERDF action programme “Entrepreneurship and innovations”, extension priority 2.1 “Science and innovation”, measure 2.1.1 “Science, research, and development”.

The aim of the activity is to support research projects focused on practice, which would promote the integration of science and production and implementation of research results according to the State’s established priority science directions (pursuant to Cabinet Decree No. 412 of 6 June 2006) — such as agrobiotechnology, informatics, biomedicine and pharmaceutics, energy, material science, forest science, medical science, and environmental science, by ensuring public availability of research results.

This action programme is subject to the Cabinet Regulations No. 14 of 3 January 2013 “Regulations on the second and third project selection phase of the activity “Support to science and research” within the action programme “Entrepreneurship and innovations” extension”.



vilSupport to Science and Research