Ivars Godmanis and Geliia Gildeeva are the New Council Members but Martins Tambaks and Mihails Raizbergs New Board Members of Olainfarm

on August 19, 2016

Council of JSC Olainfarm has appointed Mr. Ivars Godmanis to be the new Chairman of the Council with Mrs. Valentina Andrejeva as his deputy. The Council also decided to elect Martins Tambaks and Mihails Raizbergs to be the new Board members of JSC Olainfarm. This decision will take effect by registering the said changes in Commercial register of Latvia.

Extraordinary meeting of shareholders of JSC Olainfarm held on August 16, 2016 elected a new Council of the company for a period of five years. Ivars Godmanis and Geliia Gildeeva became the new Council members, but Aleksandrs Raicis, Gunta Veismane and Valentina Andrejeva got re-elected. The meeting also decided to amend company’s Articles and extend the composition of the Board to seven members. Currently members of Olainfarm’s Board are Valerijs Maligins, Jelena Borcova, Olegs Grigorjevs, Veranika Dubitskaya and Salvis Lapins.

Since 2014 Mr. Godmanis has been Assistant Professor at RISEBA University and a lecturer at University of Latvia and Business University Turiba. His previous positions include Member of European Parliament, Prime Minister of Latvia, Minister of Finance of Latvia, Minister of Interior of Latvia, Member of the Management Board of Latvijas Kugnieciba, President of Latvijas Krajbanka and Chairman of Latvian Council of Ministers. I. Godmanis has graduated Department of Physics and Mathematics of University of Latvia, speciality of Solid Matter Physics and has a respective PhD. Mr. Godmanis does not own any shares in AS Olainfarm.

Geliia Gildeeva is an Assistant Professor in Department of Organization and Management of Circulation of Medicines in Moscow Medical Academy. She is also an Executive Director of Russian OOO Lekar, Member of the Council in Russian Association “National Pharmaceutical Chamber” and a leading partner in Russian OOO Medical Development Agency. She has graduated Moscow Medical Academy, specialized in Pharmaceuticals, taken post graduate courses in Clinical Pharmacology, she has a PhD in Biology. Mrs Gildeeva owns 65 916 shares in JSC Olainfarm.

Martins Tambaks is a CFO of JSC Olainfarm with more than 15 years of experience in finance and accounting. Mr. Tambaks joined Olainfarm in 2013, leaving his previous position in Ernst & Young Baltic Ltd., where he was an Outsourcing Director. Mr. Tambaks is a member of ACCA since 2006, has a Master’s degree in Economics and Accounting from Riga Technical University and University of Latvia. Mr. Tambaks own no shares in JSC Olainfarm.

Mihails Raizbergs is a CIO of JSC Olainfarm with more than 17 years of experience in information and communications technologies. M. Raizbergs joined JSC Olainfarm in 2006, leaving his previous position in JSC Rigas Vagonbuves rupnica. Mihails Raizbergs has a Master’s degree in Engineering from Institute of Transport and Communications, he has also graduated British Open University with professional qualifications in management. He owns 200 shares in JSC Olainfarm.


JSC Olainfarm is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Latvia with more than 40 years of experience in production of medication and chemical and pharmaceutical products. A basic principle of company’s operations is to produce reliable and effective top quality products for Latvia and the rest of the world. Products made by the Group are being exported to more than 40 countries of the world, including the Baltics, Russia, other CIS, Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.


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SigitaIvars Godmanis and Geliia Gildeeva are the New Council Members but Martins Tambaks and Mihails Raizbergs New Board Members of Olainfarm